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              Company profile/公司簡介
              Tongling Sanjia Transformer Co., Ltd. Department of Tongling Sanjia electronic (Group) Co., Ltd. transformer factory in early 2004 Main and auxiliary separation reform and private enterprises. Is the domestic electronic transformer professional design and production of enterprises, has a group of high level of design development and after-sales service team of the company has a sound management system, with strong management experience and influence in the industry. The company passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system. The company is located in economic development zone of Tongling city bridge, copper Middle Road (highway) and convenient transportation.
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              e-mail: huangwei1990@163.com黃維

              address:Tongling City Economic Development Zone Bridge (Private Industrial Park)

              address:Tongling City Economic Development Zone Bridge (Private Industrial Park)

              phone:0562-2625560 13866506318(黃維) fax:0562-2627718


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